What Is Spiritual Direction?

A Spiritual Director is a trained guide who listens to another share about life. The guide provides a sacred space that is open and compassionate and a presence that is loving and accepting. The guide is trained to listen to the words of the sharer, the whisper of the Spirit, and his/her own inner movement discerning where to question, notice, name, encourage and celebrate. A Spiritual Director is a companion who means to help others discover the wisdom, the love, the Holy that has its home within each one of us. Then it is possible to know the joy, freedom and transformation our lives have to offer. A spiritual guide may introduce practices that will support the growing relationship between our humanity and our spirituality. These may include contemplative prayer, meditations of various kinds, poetry, writing, photography and other active forms like contemplative walking or running.

 I love these words from the February, 2019 issue of LISTEN:

“Parents, partners, friends can be wonderful and transformative aides. But spiritual companions play a very special role. By holding space, through deep and transformative listening. Allowing us to unburden ourselves. Resonating and sharing. And by reminding us that we are all in this together, eternally bound. All of us, all in One. God and the Universe embodied. Through these companions we rediscover our true selves. They become mirrors that allow us to find long forgotten places and insights that have always resided within, embedded in every fiber of our being. But that we lost track of somewhere along the way, for a multitude of reasons: in our efforts to please others, or to quench our own egos; to accomplish what we thought was required of us, or to defy the laws of nature, by trying to make permanent what will always remain impermanent. “

Who Can Benefit From A Spiritual Director?

Anyone! On our own it can be difficult to find the clarity we desire to move forward. Any question or circumstance is a path for discovering the truth about yourself and the Divine. Often there is a longing for a more authentic, connected and joyful life. Here are examples of why you might seek out a spiritual director:

  • I thought there would “be more" to my life. I feel stuck.

  • I want to do something with my life. How can I discover what this is?

  • Questions about faith, prayer, or God (“I feel disconnected”, “Prayer doesn’t work for me”, “Where is God in this?”)

  • I have left the church (or I want to leave church) but want a place to talk about my faith/spirituality

  • A need for discernment in making a decision

  • Issues of our times that are challenging your current framework

  • A transition, loss or circumstance that has thrown you off balance

  • A desire to explore contemplative practices or learn meditation


What Will Your Session Look Like?

Most often a meeting with a Spiritual Director lasts for approximately 60 minutes. The frequency can vary greatly with one meeting per month being average. The space is private and the conversation is confidential. Spiritual direction is a practice that can be a one-time conversation, can take place through a season of life or can become a regular, lifelong spiritual practice.



Start your journey:

If you would like to meet for a session or have questions, click the button below and contact me. I have meeting space for spiritual guidance in both Grand Rapids and Holland. The times for each vary and will be set up upon contact. With heart forward…