With Heart Forward


Kim Mulder

Spiritual Director • Yoga Teacher


Upcoming Events


Weekly Yoga
Friday Mornings and wednesday evenings through JUNE 7

You are invited to explore the connection of body, mind and heart all while building strength and flexibility. Come share your presence and your practice.

Group Meditation
Sunday, June 9  

Please join me for a group meditation practice. The time will include a short introduction to the practice, the practice and optional sharing. A beautiful opportunity to connect to the sacred within and without.

Contemplative REading Society
tuesday, May 28 at 6:30 pm

A new book discussion group for women interested in reading and discussing literature with the intent to understand, expand and connect.


Spiritual Direction

On our own it can be difficult to find the clarity we desire to move forward. A Spiritual Director or guide allows you to embrace whatever your life is offering. A Spiritual Director means to help others discover the wisdom, the love, the Holy that has its home within each one of us. Then it is possible to know the joy, freedom and transformation our lives have to offer.

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The practice of yoga has the ability to reconnect us to our innate goodness, power and beauty. It is my experience that the mat is like a mirror, always reflecting back the struggle or celebration that is within. Yoga provides a way to meet the Self, a space to hold truth gently and a platform from which to step forward. Experiencing this gift of connection in body, mind and heart while building strength and flexibility is truly awesome. Come share your presence and your practice.


Contemplative Practices

Contemplative practice provides a way to live life with more intention by paying attention. There are new practices to learn and there are practices that take the things you already know and teach you how to do them with attention, love and inner stillness. Contemplative practices bring the mind into the heart. So begin by noticing your breath….

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