What Is Yoga?

The word yoga means “to yoke." Yoga yokes the mind and body. As the mind concentrates on body and breath moving together, awareness grows. We gain knowledge of our body’s communication to us, our habitual thought patterns and emotional responses. This physical practice of asana (poses) affects the way we live our daily lives. The awareness from the mat transfers to life off the mat. It creates more space for reflection and response rather than reaction to what is happening around and within us. Yoga is a practice that stretches and strengthens both the mind and body. Yoga also just feels really good!


What I Offer

I am available to teach private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes. Private sessions can be beneficial to explore how yoga can address specific issues. I would love to teach a class for your group such as a “ladies night out," a family class or a class for your running or biking friends. A series of sessions or classes can be arranged to fit the needs or the desire of your group.  Contact me to talk more about these opportunities.


SCHEDULE a session:

If you feel Yoga could benefit your health and peace of mind, click the button below and contact me about scheduling a session.