Frequently Asked Questions


What does “with heart forward” mean to you?

In one of my first yoga classes we did Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge) with cactus arms. The instructor said something like, “Open up the chest, lead with your heart forward.” I was struck by the phrase and it became a mantra for my desire to take the steps of my journey with my heart forward. I want to offer my own vulnerability, but also be vulnerable to others' authenticity and struggle. Living with my heart forward is courageous and kind. Thanks for asking.

What is the difference between counseling and spiritual Direction?

These modalities often overlap in their practice and function and a person can see both a therapist and a spiritual companion simultaneously. Most likely one will seek out a Spiritual Director when there are persistent questions about life, a need for clarity in taking the next step, and a desire for “soul support” rather than mental health support. Here is a link to an excellent blog post answering this question: Spiritual Direction: A Movement Toward Soul Wholeness

How much do you charge for a spiritual Direction session?

I am invested in this and I want you to be, too. However, I also want it to be accessible to anyone who is willing to try this practice. So you decide. I typically ask for $10-75/session. Whatever fits within your budget and feels right to you is what it costs. (Please email me if $10 is out of reach at this point in your life. Let’s work it out.) The initial session is free of charge.

Is spiritual guidance for christians only?

No. Almost every religion and many cultures have a rich tradition in spiritual guidance and practice. I love the diversity of form and language each brings to the practice of spiritual direction. I come out of the Christian tradition but would embrace the opportunity to explore our spirituality and humanity with anyone. Additionally, a growing number of people think of themselves as spiritual but not religious or check the “None” box in answering the question of religious affiliation. We are all spiritual beings. I think of spirituality as the quest for our innate goodness to play out within the context of our unique human circumstances. For me spiritual guidance is not about being religious, it’s about the sacred work of becoming human.

What if I don’t believe in “God”?

“God” is a word we use to name the Mystery of the universe that is beyond naming or describing in human language.  This Mystery is not confined to one name or any religion’s beliefs about the Mystery. I believe that there is a creating, sustaining, intimate, benevolent, loving energy that is the Universe. See how many adjectives I needed already! I like lots of names for “it”  - Love, Universe, All-That-Is, the Divine, the Flow, Ultimate Lifeforce and on and on….this is where poetic language finds resonance in many a heart.